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Detail: River and Sea
River and Sea (detail): gallery 2

Halcyon Days

The present series of paintings were inspired by the Landscape of Britain and Southern Europe. I find the combination of mountains, rivers and the sea particularly inspiring.

Only a few of the paintings are of specific locations. Rather I wanted to capture the mood of a particular place which is in essence as tangible as the physical elements that form the landscape.

Sometimes a landscape evolves from a memory of a journey, as in Anatolia; the result of a journey towards Eastern Turkey. I wanted the work to be as luminous as possible. My usual practice of painting in oils was abandoned in favour of acrylic.

The original work is made up of sheets or fragments of acrylic colour on cartridge paper mounted on board. This method of creative imaging allows for spontaneous improvisation. The giclée printing process perfectly reflects the luminosity of the originals.

Framed originals are also available. Please contact for further details.